What type of ID do I need to bring in if I want to sell my item?

You will have to show valid form of government issued picture ID (such as a valid drivers license or state issued ID).
As long as you're 18 years old or older you can sell or pawn your item.

How do I know what my item is worth?

We make very fair offers based on resale value and condition of the item. We encourage our customers to get other opinions on items or do some research before they bring the item in. However we always pay the highest prices!

Is there a warranty on the items I purchase?

Most of the items we sell have warranties, either through our shop 30 days strore ctredit or through the individual company's factory warranties which usually consist of one year or more.

Do you test the items you buy, sell or loan?

Yes, every item goes through a multi-point inspection before it is bought or sold in our store.

How do I get paid for my item?

We will pay you instant cash on the spot, no checks! If you would like to purchase something in our store, we will offer you
a higher dollar value in store credit!

Criminal Law

Criminal law, which MarşanErezTuran Law Firm has been operating since its establishment, is one of its specialties. Our lawyers with great experience in this field follow every stage of the process with great care and care from the investigation to the end of the prosecution. Our office actively carries out its activities in all areas of criminal law, especially in organizational crimes, and has made a name for itself with its understanding of work, approach to clients and experience.