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Intellectual and Industrial Property

The more important it is to brand or own a common brand or a work, the more important it is to protect the interests of that brand. Nowadays, it is quite common to obtain unfair interests by producing imitations of nationally or internationally renowned brands. The production of similar brands that are not indistinguishable, not only the appearance of imitations, also harms the reputation of the original brand owners and leads to an unfair decrease in their reputation.


Our services:  


  • In accordance with the Decree Law No. 556, which was in effect previously, and the Industrial Property Law numbered 6769, which was enacted lastly, we also provide our clients with the best service in terms of seizing imitation branded products. Some of our services are applications for search and seizure decisions, follow-up and execution of decisions, and subsequent reconciliation processes.


  • According to the researches, while our country acts as an important bridge in the counterfeit brand traffic especially from east to west, it also has an important share as a manufacturer in the world counterfeit products market. Imitation products of many famous brands are imported to our country, on the other hand, such products produced in our country are exported abroad. At this point, it is very important to follow the stopping and confiscation procedures carried out within the scope of customs directorates.


  • We provide intelligence services in all channels where registered trademarks belonging to our clients are used without permission. We provide intelligence services not only in physical channels but also in electronic media and especially on social media platforms. Our services include market research, reports containing our experience of using counterfeit brands and special reviews that we can customize according to your demand.


  • We provide all your litigation and non-litigation services that you can request, including both the "Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law and Criminal" courts, the trials before the Turkish Patent Institute, trademark registration applications, brand research, trademark registration facility. Thanks to our legal automation system, you can access all documents related to these processes wherever you are.